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Camilla Parker Bowles: Devastated by the death of her partner, her son Tom finds a smile with a friend

Last March, Tom Parker Bowles, the son of Camille Parker Bowles, lost his girlfriend, Alice Procope, to cancer. Since then, he tries to regain a taste for lifeā€¦

Bad news has not spared members of the British royal family in recent months. In March, Tom Parker Bowles, the son of Camilla Parker Bowles and son-in-law of Prince Charles, lost his girlfriend. Alice Procope was a journalist and shared the life of the food critic for two years. The latter was suffering from cancer. “Partly because of Covid, Alice’s cancer diagnosis came only last August, when it was too late,” said one of her friends.

No treatment was possible to stop the progression of her disease. The young woman was 42 years old and had three children, born from her previous union with Robert Procope. “It’s really inhumane. And there will be countless cases similar to hers!” added the friend of the journalist. Alice Procope’s death came as thousands of Britons reportedly missed crucial appointments due to the coronavirus epidemic affecting not only England, but the world.

Tom Parker Bowles found the smile for a few hours

A tragedy that had devastated the son of the Duchess of Cornwall, “Tom was divinely happy with Alice, he is devastated to see how cruel life can be,” said one of his relatives to the British media Entertainment Daily. More than a month after his death, Tom Parker Bowles was seen in the streets of London with a friend, who managed to bring a smile to his face for a few hours. The friends had lunch together in a restaurant on the banks of the Thames in West London, before enjoying the spring sunshine.

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