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Camilla Parker Bowles in mourning: Her daughter-in-law Alice Procope died at 42

The royal family is in mourning. The son of Camilla Parker Bowles has just lost his companion Alice Procope. The latter died at the age of 42 years following a lightning cancer.

It is a terrible news for Tom Parker Bowles. The son of Camilla Parker Bowles said goodbye forever to the woman he loved on March 17. His companion Alice Procope died suddenly at the age of 42 years as announced by the Daily Mail, this Saturday, March 27.

She was fighting for several months against a cancer diagnosed too late. “Tom was divinely happy with Alice, he is devastated to see how cruel life can be,” said one of his relatives to the British media Entertainment Daily, while no member of the royal family has reacted to the death for the moment. Tom and Alice had been in love for two years.

It was not until last August that the woman who worked as a journalist learned that she had cancer. At that time it was unfortunately already too late. A late diagnosis that is partly related to the epidemic of Covid-19. Indeed, because of the health crisis the mother of three children, born of her previous union with Robert Procope, could not be taken care of as she should have been: “It’s really inhuman. And there will be countless cases similar to hers!” alerted one of her friends.

Tom Parker Bowles, a life away from the royal family

If by marrying Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles also married a royal life, her two children Tom and Laura, born of her previous relationship, have remained away from royalty. A few years ago, Tom explained on Good Morning Britain that he and his sister “weren’t really part of the royal family”: “My mother got married. She’s part of it. We are the children of the past. We’re a long way from that,” he said. This one made a career as a gastronomic critic. Father of two children, fruits of his love for his first wife Sarah Buys, he will now have to face the mourning while he had just remade his life.

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