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Camilla Parker Bowles not soft on Meghan Markle in private

Since their interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Sussexes have had their ears ringing in Buckingham. In private, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles do not take it easy, and the latter did not fail to recall the behavior of Meghan Markle during a speech by Queen Elizabeth II.

If they left the monarchy a year ago, the Sussexes have never been so present in the conversations of the members of the Crown, who are struggling to forgive them their explosive interview. Particularly targeted, Prince Charles has a lot of trouble to recover from the attacks of his son.

In private, the heir to the throne would have moreover confided to relatives that he had stopped answering calls from the Duke of Sussex because the latter contacted him only for financial reasons. “Harry kept calling me to ask me for money. He took me for a money pump and that’s why I stopped answering his calls,” he would have explained, according to journalist and expert on royalty Marc Roche.

But Prince Charles is not the only one to have the Sussexes in his sights. His wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, for her part, would have a hard time forgiving Meghan Markle for an incivility that would date back several months. “As for his wife Camilla, she added a small vexation, according to his entourage, by complaining to a friend of the fact that, during a private dinner, Meghan, in defiance of protocol, had continued to speak to the Queen of the Netherlands while Elizabeth II was addressing the guests,” writes Marc Roche. An exit not very surprising from the Duchess of Cornwall, while her relations with her son-in-law have cooled in recent months.

The rebels of the Crown

Faced with the unpredictable Sussexes, the Crown grits its teeth. Members of the monarchy, who excel in the art of putting on a brave face, have limited reactions to the bombshells thrown by Meghan and Harry, leaving Queen Elizabeth II to manage the crisis internally. If Prince William has a lot of trouble forgiving his brother for his behavior, Kate Middleton, for her part, could retaliate against the revelations of Meghan Markle.

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