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Camilla Parker Bowles: Why Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee will be a defining moment for her

During the celebration of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II, organized in 2022, Camilla Parker Bowles will play a leading role. A responsibility that reflects her growing role in the royal family.

As the years go by, Camilla Parker Bowles asserts herself a little more within the royal family. This Saturday, November 20, the Daily Mail reports that the Duchess of Cornwall will even secure her position during the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II, organized in 2022, during which she will play a leading role. Indeed, the wife of Prince Charles will preside over the “Big Lunch”, which will see thousands of groups of family and friends gather to celebrate in the streets the 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign. The luncheon will be part of a long weekend of celebration planned for June.

At 95 years of age, the Queen has taken on fewer duties. It is quite natural that she has entrusted some of them to her son, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles, such as the one to take over several of her estates. Seeing the Duchess of Cornwall play a big role in the platinum jubilee is another step in this handover of responsibilities. “It means Camilla will have a central role in leading the nation in the celebrations, a sign of her growing responsibilities,” a Buckingham Palace source told the Daily Mail.

A slow affirmation within the Windsor clan

Recently, Camille flew with Prince Charles for a four-day tour of Jordan. In total, the royal couple took part in more than 30 engagements. “The Duchess is increasingly comfortable in her role and confident in her work. She knows very well what it involves,” added the same source to the Daily Mail. The daughter-in-law of Elizabeth II has also been called recently to replace Princes Andrew and Harry to perform duties on behalf of the Queen. This slow affirmation within the Windsor clan comes at a time when the sovereign has encountered some health problems and raised many concerns about the end of her reign. It is all the more natural for Camilla to gain responsibility since she should become, one day, the wife of the king when Prince Charles accedes to the throne.

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