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Charles and William: This common goal they are determined to achieve

The Duke of Cambridge and his father the Prince of Wales are determined to stop being distracted by Harry and Meghan‘s antics, according to a royal family journalist.

“Draw a line under Harry and Meghan. That’s the biggest wish of Prince William and his father Prince Charles, according to journalist Russell Myers. Speaking on Talk radio, the royal family expert said the deserted couple will have to “fend for themselves.”

The rest of the Windsors are “very, very united”, according to him, and especially determined to resume “the real business of the monarchy”. This means “being with the people and drawing attention to various charities” as well as “traveling around the world and the Commonwealth”.

No reconciliation on the agenda

Russell Myers also insisted that reconciliation between the royal family and the Sussex couple was not on the agenda. “It was suggested that Charles was ready to forgive but apparently not,” he said. This is also the opinion of Charles Rae, another royal expert, for whom “the line has been crossed” since Harry and Meghan moved to the United States. Charles Rae told the same radio station about Prince Harry‘s shock when he returned to his roots for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip on April 17: “Some people literally turned their back on him. He was stunned.

Prince Harry is not only in the crosshairs of his own family but of some of the British people as well, according to Russell Myers. “I think most people think that Harry does not deserve to be forgiven,” added the expert for whom the confessional interview of Meghan Markle, currently pregnant with her second child, and her husband on March 7 had the effect of a flop and “fell like a soufflĂ©”.

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