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Charles, William, Kate and Harry: This long interview for reconciliation

Princes Charles, William, Harry and Kate Middleton met following the funeral of Prince Philip to have a long discussion, according to information published by The Sun on Monday, April 19.

They wished to dig the abscess. This Saturday, April 17, Prince Harry found his brother, Prince William and Kate Middleton at the funeral of Prince Philip. The reunion was very expected because the two princes have not been seen together for over a year. In addition, the truthful interview of Meghan Markle and her husband, granted to Oprah Winfrey last March, has made a lot of talk especially because of some revelations.

According to information published by The Sun this Monday, April 19, this ceremony allowed the two brothers to exchange. “Princes Charles, William, Harry and Kate Middleton met for two hours at Windsor Castle, where Meghan Markle and her husband used to live,” a source, who wished to remain anonymous, told the tabloid. “It’s not the end of the crisis in their relationship, but it’s a nice gesture and a nice way to take a first step toward healing. Kate, William and Charles left after about two hours but it was enough to get the two brothers talking again,” the same person concluded.

The beginning of the reconciliation? This is an image that was highly anticipated. As they left St. George’s Chapel after the ceremony, Princes Harry and William were seen together. Afterwards, they walked side by side to Windsor Castle. Both took the time to talk, and according to the information published by the Daily Mail this Sunday, April 18, this initiative would be that of Prince Charles.

The British media reveals that he would have made a discreet sign to his sons to indicate that it was time to return to the castle. The two princes were first accompanied by Kate Middleton, who later wished to move away to let them talk. According to a lip-reading expert who identified the content of this conversation, both would have simply talked about the ceremony, which was “as Prince Philip wanted it”, Archie‘s father would have indicated. Do these exchanges mark the beginning of reconciliations between Prince William and the husband of Meghan Markle?

Kate Middleton, her key role in the reconciliation of Princes Harry and William

The reunion of the two princes was highly anticipated by the British. Thus, the cameras were able to immortalize this moment. While Prince Charles is said to have initiated the exchange between Prince Harry and Prince William, it seems that Kate Middleton has also participated. Indeed, the New York Post revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge was the first to join Meghan Markle’s husband, who seemed to be isolated outside St. George’s Chapel. While she was chatting with him, Prince William wanted to join the conversation, so he was able to reconnect with Prince Harry. Did the funeral of Prince Philip allowed the two brothers to bury the hatchet?

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