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Death of Lord Mountbatten: Did Prince Charles receive a letter after his death?

Close to Lord Mountbatten, did Prince Charles really receive a letter from him after his death?

He was his favorite great-uncle. On August 27, 1979, when the Irish Republican Army demanded the withdrawal of the British presence in Northern Ireland, Lord Mountbatten died in an attack on his boat named Shadow V.

A 23-kilogram remote-controlled bomb had been placed near the boat’s engine by a certain Thomas McMahon (first imprisoned for life and then released because of the Good Friday Agreement). A sad event for the monarchy but also, and above all, for Prince Charles, who was close to his great-uncle.

And according to the fourth season of The Crown, available on Netflix since Sunday, November 15, the eldest son of Her Majesty Elizabeth II would have received a letter from the deceased, the latter summoning him to end his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles in favor of a pure and younger woman.

But as recently revealed, this is only fiction. The Prince of Wales has not received any such letter from Lord Mountbatten since “the royal family does not exert pressure” on him. It was finally only thanks to Prince Philip that the heir to the British Crown was forced to make up his mind when the press was watching Lady Diana’s every move from her apartment at Earl’s Court.

“Diana began to be pursued by the media in the autumn of 1980,” recalled writer Hugo Vickers. Alarmed and to protect the young woman, then 19 years old, Her Majesty’s husband Elizabeth II encouraged his eldest son to make a written decision. A letter that Prince Charles would not have understood. “Charles interpreted this letter as an ultimatum, which it was not meant to be.”

This pressure that Prince Charles gave in to…

It was for this reason that Prince Charles committed himself to marry Lady Diana, although still emotionally attached to Camilla Parker Bowles. The rest of the story is well known: married in 1981 to the young princess, he was not faithful to her, opting to join his childhood sweetheart whenever the opportunity arose.

For her part, after fighting bulimia, Diana Spencer confided openly about her husband’s and her own infidelities on the BBC’s Panorama programme. An interview that ulcerated the palate. This time the damage to the Crown was too great to ignore. Prince Charles was therefore pushed to divorce by Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Request executed.

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