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Kate Middleton: This particular relationship she has with her father-in-law, Prince Charles

For years, and the meeting of Kate Middleton with Prince William, the Duchess has a special relationship with her father-in-law. Prince Charles is very fond of his first daughter-in-law.

A beautiful relationship. It is not really known, but Prince Charles particularly likes Kate Middleton. The future king, who has known the Duchess of Cambridge for many years, has never been short of praise for the wife of his elder brother. And their latest joint outing is a good example of their complicity. If all eyes were riveted on Kate Middleton, stunning in a golden cape dress at the premiere of the latest James Bond movie, observers noticed that the duchess appeared particularly close to her father-in-law. Photographers captured the two greeting each other affectionately with a kiss on the cheek. For experts this shows that they live a “rather close relationship”. It must be said that they know each other for more than ten years.

In 2011, when announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton had a tender word for her future father-in-law. The Duchess confided then that he had been “very, very welcoming” and “very nice” during their meeting. She admitted she was nervous about meeting Prince Charles, but added, “It couldn’t have been easier, really, for me.” A few months later after her eldest child’s royal wedding, the future king gave a touching speech at the reception, describing his daughter-in-law as “the daughter he never had.” And since then, their relationship has intensified. Although joint public appearances by Kate Middleton and Prince Charles are still rare, they are regularly spotted joking side by side.

Kate Middleton: an exemplary peacemaker

In fact, last year, during a visit to a veterans’ rehabilitation center in Loughborough, Kate Middleton was photographed laughing while standing next to her father-in-law. If she is so appreciated by her father-in-law, it is also because Kate Middleton played an important role in bringing him closer to Prince William, at the time they were at war. The relationship between the father and his son has not always been smooth and Kate, as a good mediator, has managed to ease the tension and end the feud. To do this, she tried to involve Prince Charles more in their family life: inviting him home, spending vacations with him or giving him custody of his three children.

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