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Prince Charles and Harry: That last line not to cross

Silent since the Sussexes left for Los Angeles, Prince Charles seems to have no intention of reacting to his son’s attacks in the media. For the royal expert Katie Nicholl, the Prince of Wales has nevertheless a red line that Prince Harry should not cross, at the risk of awakening his anger.

Will Prince Charles react to Prince Harry‘s allegations in the American media? Since leaving the monarchy, the Duke of Sussex seems determined to publicly expose the backstage of the Crown, between accusations of racism, harassment and lack of support from members of his family. After an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry also spoke on the podcast of the American actor Dax Shepard, before appearing in the documentary The Me You Can’t See, on mental health. For now, the Prince of Wales chooses silence.

Deeply disappointed by his son’s attitude, Prince Charles refuses to make any comments in front of the cameras, preferring to spare his younger son so as not to make things worse. However, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the future king of England could reach the limits of his patience, if Prince Harry crossed a forbidden line. “If Harry continues to attack the queen, he will lose his patience,” she said. For Prince Charles, one does not sully the image of the Crown, and especially not that of Queen Elizabeth II.

Relations at a standstill

If Prince William was keen to deny the accusations of racism in front of the cameras, Prince Charles, one of the main targets of Prince Harry remains focused on his new role in the Crown. The relationship between father and son, according to a source, would be at a standstill. “Harry says he wants peace but he has clearly decided to demonize his father. Charles doesn’t know what to do about the situation.

Harry doesn’t realize that parenting methods have changed dramatically over the years, especially the role of the father,” the source told The Sun. In the documentary series on mental health that he imagined with Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Sussex had referred to his father, saying: “When I was younger, my father said to William and me: It was like that for me, so it will be the same for you”.

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