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Prince Charles: Behind the scenes of the avalanche that almost cost him his life

In March 1988, Prince Charles almost perished in an avalanche during a skiing vacation in Klosters, Switzerland. In the columns of Paris Match, the famous photographer Daniel Angeli, on site at the time of the facts, remembered the event.

A vacation that almost turned into a tragedy. The date of March 10, 1988 remains engraved in the memory of Prince Charles. A day spent quietly down the ski slopes of Klosters in Switzerland, with friends. Until an avalanche surprised the athletes. If the future heir to the throne escaped unharmed, this is not the case for everyone. His friend, Major Hugh Lindsay died in the avalanche. A disappearance that has deeply affected the son of Elizabeth II.

In the columns of Paris Match, the famous photographer of the stars, Daniel Angeli, remembered this dramatic day. He too almost lost his life. “I was following them on skis” he said, “once again luck smiled on me”. The image hunter has not forgotten anything. “I branched out to get ahead of them and photograph them, I was a good skier. I realized that they were not coming. I took the chairlift again. The avalanche started. I took pictures of Charles crying for the queen’s squire who had just died” he explained.

Lady Diana present during the ski vacations of Prince Charles

When questioned, other witnesses said that Lady Diana’s husband “looked distraught”. He had actively participated in the search for his friend. In vain. The latter had been found dead. “As soon as the danger was removed, Prince Charles, the guide and a Swiss policeman, who were skiing with the group, rushed to rescue the victims, digging with their bare hands in the snow to reach them” reported the BBC. At the time of the tragedy, Lady Diana was also in Klosters, but not on the slopes. The princess of hearts had stayed with Sarah Ferguson, pregnant with Beatrice, at the chalet rented by the royal family.


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