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Prince Charles : Decision taken ! No question of making his grandson Archie a prince

Prince Charles has indicated that the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not have a place among the frontline royals. Thus, the heir to the throne will not let Archie get the title of prince to the great displeasure of his parents.

The decision is made, but it may jeopardize any possibility of reconciliation. Prince Charles has announced that he will not include his grandson, so the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, among the royal family, according to the Daily Mail. Thus, the two-year-old Archie will never be a prince. The reason? The plan of the Prince of Wales provides for a slimmed down royal family at a lower cost. It is obvious to him that the son of Prince Harry has no place there.

Even if a grandson of the sovereign has long had the right to be a prince, Prince Charles intends to change the key legal documents to end it. A way to ensure that Archie can not get the title he would have once inherited by right. This decision infuriated the Sussexes and would have provoked the series of bitter accusations that the couple has made against Prince Charles and other members of the Crown from across the Atlantic.

Prince Charles: a new British monarchy

Upon his accession to the throne, Elizabeth II’s son plans to cut back on the lifestyle of some by limiting the number of active members of the Firm. “Like the Windsors’ relatives who rule in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium or Spain, (Charles) prefers to weaken a sense of “entitlement” among some royals,” explained author Nigel Cawthorne.

Before adding, “Being born a Windsor is a privilege, but that doesn’t mean that being a certain number on the throne accession list should give a right to certain residences and privileges of the Firm.” For Prince Charles, this could actually benefit those who do not wish to live a life in the spotlight. A royal family tightened for a more modern vision? It would seem that even before his arrival on the throne Prince Charles has put his plan into action.

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  1. This thing is outdated and all the monarchy should be abolished. Waste of tax money. Prince for what? Who cares?


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