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Prince Charles held by Meghan and Harry: Camilla’s fate also depends on them

As the throne approaches Prince Charles and his responsibilities become increasingly important, the functioning of the Crown could significantly change. The heir to the throne, who wants a tighter monarchy, would be ready to deny the Sussex children their royal titles. But this decision would not be in his interest…

Prince Charles is facing a dilemma. The son of Queen Elizabeth II, who will inherit the British throne, has never intended to follow his mother’s way of doing things to the letter. Pragmatic and above all thrifty, Prince Charles has in the hope of shaping a more modern monarchy, and reduce the expenses of senior members of the Crown. In the head of the Prince of Wales, a great household is already operating, he would like to build a frontline team much tighter than the current one. In this regard, some members of the royal family do not find grace in his eyes, including the children of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, to whom Prince Charles is reluctant to grant titles.

Despite his reluctance, the Prince of Wales may well be forced to put water in his wine. According to information from royal biographer Robert Lacey, the future king of England will have no choice but to make Archie and Lilibet Diana a prince and princess, at the risk of losing popularity. “It is possible that Prince Charles will deprive the Sussex children of their royal titles when he accedes to the throne, but it seems unlikely to me that he will do so. His priority will then be the support of the people to change Camilla’s status from princess consort to queen consort, and he will not make only friends if he takes away Archie and Lili’s titles,” he analyzed.

The fate of Camilla in his hands

For his wife, Prince Charles could revise his plans and be more lenient with the children of Sussex, who will be able to choose at their majority if they want to benefit from a royal title or if they prefer to pass their turn, as the children of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex. If Buckingham Palace has never really been clear about the status of Camilla Parker-Bowles when her husband will be king, being named queen consort would be a great victory for the one whose face was for a long time the enemy for the British very attached to Princess Diana.

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