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Prince Charles jokes with Leonardo DiCaprio: Summit meeting 

In Glasgow, on the sidelines of the COP26 summit, Prince Charles and Leonardo DiCaprio were photographed talking with a smile on their lips. Both invested in the protection of the planet, the common points were revealed during the exchange, and the meeting took place under the best auspices.

A first meeting at the top. The paths of Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Charles crossed on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, during an event organized on the sidelines of COP26. At the corner of an exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, through which Stella McCartney unveiled its models of vegan bags and shoes, the actor and the heir to the throne have exchanged a few words. A meeting immortalized by the photographers, who attest by their shots that the approach was friendly.

Carried by the same values, the complicity between the two environmental activists was quickly revealed. On the pictures, Prince Charles and Leonardo DiCaprio appear laughing, sign of a good understanding. Navy blue suit and slightly open shirt for the Wolf of Wall Street, who was invited to speak at various events on the sidelines of COP26, and gray suit with a poppy for the Duke of Cornwall, they strolled through the works of Paul McCartney’s daughter. From luxury handbags, made from vegan mushroom leather to vegan soccer boots, designed in collaboration with Paul Pogba and Adidas. Following the visit, the designer who made Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, said that the prince found the exhibition “informative and inspiring”, when the Hollywood star, he said he was surprised that she was “the only person in the fashion world to do this”.

Leonardo DiCaprio flew on a commercial flight

From his home in Los Angeles to Glasgow, Scotland, the Oscar-winning actor flew on a commercial flight, unlike many of the personalities attending COP26, who travel by private plane. For good reason, a few years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio had been described as an “eco-hypocrite” because, among other things, of his numerous trips on private jets. At the time, he had just flown 12,874 kilometers from France to New York to receive an award for his fight against climate change. Only, the one who works on a number of documentaries to raise awareness of poaching and the environment, and was appointed as a representative of the United Nations on climate change in 2014, and must look good.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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