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Prince Charles not present enough? This sad announcement about his relationship with his grandson Archie

Very disappointed by Prince Harry, who decided to leave the monarchy, Prince Charles is also sad. Since the birth of Archie, the future king of England has not seen much.

They put on a brave face for Archie’s birthday. This May 6, the first child of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry blew out his second candle. On this occasion, most members of the British Crown celebrated the little boy. Notably Kate Middleton and Prince William but also Prince Charles. “Happy birthday to Archie, who turns 2 today,” wrote the father of Prince Harry in the caption of a beautiful black and white photo, taken on the day of the baptism of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In this picture, we see Meghan Markle‘s husband carrying the little boy, while Prince Charles stands by his side. And if he chose this photo, which dates back to 2019, it is because he does not really have a more recent one … Indeed, since the birth of Archie, Prince Charles has seen his petot-son only twice.

As for the Cambridges, their meetings with Archie can easily be counted on the finger of one hand, a source told the our source. “The truth is that the Prince of Wales has barely seen his grandson twice since he was born,” she continued. In fact, every member of Harry‘s family can easily count on one hand the number of times they saw Archie after he was born and before the family left the UK.

It’s a very sad situation.” It must be said that before moving to the United States, the Sussexes spent most of their time at home, at Frogmore Cottage. They even sent shockwaves when they refused to join the other crowned heads in Scotland for the family’s summer vacation. And since their move, little Archie has never set foot in England again because of the pandemic.

Princes Charles and Harry ready to make a step forward

An absence complicated to manage for Prince Charles, already terribly disappointed by his youngest son and his statements. A sign that tensions could ease, the birthday messages addressed to Archie have been scrutinized. “The fact that Buckingham Palace and the other royal households have issued something so publicly when they no longer work for the royal family is clearly a sign that every effort is being made, at least on their behalf, to try to maintain and nurture a relationship with Harry and Meghan, however fragile it may be,” analyzed one observer. Prince Harry would have sent a very personal letter to his father to renew contact. In this missive, the Duke of Sussex would have wished to “put things straight” and “stated the reasons for his departure” to America.

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