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Prince Charles not very generous with Edward and Sophie of Wessex: Elizabeth II ready to intervene

Because of an old jealousy, Prince Charles does not want Prince Edward to be honored with the title of Duke of Edinburgh that his late father had promised him. Faced with the pettiness of her eldest son, Elizabeth II is ready to intervene to put an end to it.

This subject creates controversy. After the marriage of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999, there was talk that the title of Duke of Edinburgh of his father, Prince Philip, would return to him in due course. Except that three months after the death of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, nothing has changed. Prince Charles, the heir to the titles of his father as the eldest son, is facing up. At issue is an old rivalry between two brothers. But Elizabeth II is ready to intervene to stop this childishness, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Given that this goes against the wishes of her late husband, it is certain that the queen has a say in the matter. “While she respects the fact that Charles must shape the monarchy after his death, she should be listened to,” according to the article’s reported words. Still, this is a violation of a public promise given in writing on Prince Edward’s wedding day. Not to mention, the couple has been unfailingly supportive of Her Majesty in the last moments of Prince Philip’s life and in his mourning. The Queen is well aware that this royal duo is an essential asset for the monarchy.

Prince Charles without mercy with his brother Edward

This refusal to pass on the title of Duke of Edinburgh to his younger brother is well thought out. Indeed, since his early childhood, Prince Charles is jealous of the proximity between Philip and his younger son. According to Mabel Anderson, Edward’s nanny, Prince Philip was “a wonderful father” who read stories to his youngest son before bedtime and built the model ships that decorated his nursery at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Philip was a more attentive father to Prince Edward, and this, Prince Charles, who knew a very rigid education, did not support it, hence the current discord. Moreover, the latter has never really created a bond with the royal couple. If Prince Edward is not made Duke of Edinburgh and Charles retains the title of king, he will essentially disappear from public life. Unless, as Richard Kay reported, he plans to pass the title to William’s youngest son, Prince Louis. Another story that has the crown shaking.

Photo credits: PA Photos/ABACA

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