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Prince Charles plans to reconcile with Harry and Meghan

A week after the release of the explosive interview given by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince Charles is having a hard time moving on. According to British media, the heir to the throne was deeply hurt by the Sussexes’ comments, but would be willing to make a move towards them to pick up the pieces.

It will be a long road before the British royal family manages to put the grudges and differences aside. A year after their departure from the monarchy, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally revealed their truth in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

An interview that did considerable damage, while the Sussexes in particular mentioned a latent racism within the Crown and the lack of support from the family in the face of repeated attacks from the British media. Among the people targeted during the great unpacking, Prince Charles, who was not spared by his son.

The words of Prince Harry have particularly affected the heir to the throne, who now wants to pick up the pieces with his younger son. “He is a father deeply hurt by the state of his relationship with his son. We are talking about a father, not a statesman.

He’s thought about it a lot and knows that continuing to fight would only make things worse. He feels it is time to pick up the pieces. It’s time to repair this broken relationship,” a source told the Daily Mail. Prince Charles dreams of regaining the special relationship he had with Harry for many years,” a source added.

A step forward

If Prince William revealed in front of the cameras has not yet spoken to his little brother, Prince Charles as for him intends to break the ice “in the coming weeks, either in writing, or not video conference. A real step forward for the son of Queen Elizabeth II, who unlike William, had refused to comment on his first official appearance since the interview with Meghan and Harry.

In his quest to restore ties with his son, Prince Charles will be able to count on the support of his wife Camilla, who “absolutely wants the situation to work out,” according to a source.

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  1. If Prince Charles tries to appease Prince Harry after he showed total disrespect for him and the Monarchy, told lies and failed to correct Meghan on her lie about getting married 3 days previous to their wedding in St George’s Chapel, Windsor then he will be seen to be extremely weak and allowing himself to be made a fool of. Also the public want the Duke and Duchess titles removed along with Harry’s accession to the throne. History will tell him that it is very unwise to ignore the will of the people.


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