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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Prince Charles: Prince Harry’s latest low blow poisons their relationship

Between Prince Charles and his son Prince Harry, relations have become tense over the years and the decried interview of the most famous redhead of the British monarchy to Oprah Winfrey has not helped. But, even worse, a low blow of the young man has completed to install a cold between them.

In its December 22 edition, the magazine Point de vue looks at the relationship between Prince Charles and his son Prince Harry, the result of his tumultuous marriage to the late Princess of Hearts, Lady Diana. A low blow from the now ex-senior member of the royal family has made things worse.

Indeed, on December 5, Prince Harry found nothing better than to push his father, already under water following the revelations about members of the Prince’s Foundation, his charity organization. Its director general, Michael Fawcett (former valet of the prince), has resigned after being questioned by the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday. The latter is suspected of having used his influence with the Prince to help the Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak ben Mahfouz, a generous donor to charities linked to the British monarchy, to obtain, among other things, an honor.

In a press release, Prince Harry embarrassed his father – and future king of England – by voicing his own doubts about the reviled donor, who had given a cool 58,000 euros to Sentebale, his own charity, in 2013. “The Duke of Sussex and his advisors (…) cut all ties with Mr.Mahfouz and his associates in 2015 (…) due to growing concerns around the motivations of his support,” it read. What to clear him and give him the beautiful role while Prince Charles is accused between the lines of having turned a blind eye.

This attitude has been strongly criticized across the Channel, including by the biographer of the Duke. “If he had so many suspicions (…) why did not he return the 58,000 euros? He didn’t give us any details about when and who he warned about the billionaire’s credibility. Nor did he mention that Meghan‘s diamond pendants were given by a dubious Saudi billionaire,” Angela Levin tackles.

Publicly, Prince Charles opts for silence, but privately, he cashes in. “For the heir to the throne, the ordeal is bitter, especially since his complicity with his youngest son has always been strong,” reports Point of View. He “forbids himself to retort. In the hope to appease Harry. But also to leave the door open to a return of the rebellious prince within the Windsor clan, “adds the magazine. Prince Charles, who had the interview of his son to Oprah Winfrey across the throat, would also bear very badly to be taxed as a stingy while he stopped funding Harry, who wanted to take his independence. “He was very hurt,” says a member of his entourage. Especially since he paid a good part of the wedding of his son, but also paid him a cool 2 million euros in 2020 … Should we expect a warming of relations in 2022? Nothing is less certain …

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