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Prince Charles ready to forgive Prince Harry?

The publication of Robert Lacey’s book Royal War comes out this Wednesday, September 8, a work that evokes the rupture between Princes William and Harry. In an interview with Point de vue, the author says that Prince Charles could forgive his son Prince Harry because “he is more tender” than William.

Time is supposed to heal the wounds, but tensions persist within the royal family. A few months after the shock interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by Oprah Winfrey last March and the death of Prince Philip in April, the historian Robert Lacey reissues Guerre royale (ed. Albin Michel) an investigation into this unusual family breakup. In an interview with Point de Vue, the author probes the character of Prince Charles in the face of these family quarrels: “He is more tender than William, more inclined to forgive and to reconciliation with his younger son.”

For Robert Lacey, the Oprah Winfrey interview seems to have upset the balance of this family conflict: “One has the impression that the war between the two brothers has become a war between the younger of the two and his father,” says this specialist of the royal family in Point de Vue, before adding: “The first result of this is that William and Charles have come closer than ever. Diplomatic about his elder, Harry says bluntly that he feels his father has let him down.”

Harry’s “ingratitude” towards his father Prince Charles

In the interview with Oprah Winfrey last March, Prince Harry claimed that the royal family had cut him off, following the Sussexes’ renunciation of their royal commitments. But Prince Charles reportedly continued to fund his younger son’s account. “Prince Harry suggested that Charles had quickly stopped supporting him financially, but financial reports from this year show that Harry continued to receive money from the Duchy of Cornwall, and therefore from his father, long after he left Britain,” explains Robert Lacey in Point de Vue.

For the author, Prince Harry also shows “ingratitude” to his father about Meghan Markle. “The Prince of Wales welcomed Meghan into the family with more enthusiasm than anyone else. He has shown her affection, trust, understanding,” he explains. Robert Lacey also notes that Meghan Markle has “real talents and strengths,” particularly as a public speaker, and does not hesitate to state that she is “a loss to the Royal family.” It remains to be seen whether her qualities will be enough to consider a reconciliation.

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