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Prince Charles ready to put the firm in order

If Queen Elizabeth II has always been lenient with the Sussexes, she who wants above all to maintain family harmony, Prince Charles could be much less accommodating. According to royal biographer Angela Levin, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are definitely expected to take the brunt of the future monarch.

With Prince Charles, it goes straight! Despite Queen Elizabeth II’s efforts to ease tensions within the Crown since the Sussexes’ shock departure, relations between the couple and the rest of the family seem more deteriorated than ever. Came without Meghan Markle to the funeral of Prince Philip, which took place in London on April 17, Prince Harry has not been able to restore ties with his father and brother, with whom contact seems increasingly difficult. The interview of the Sussexes with Oprah Winfrey has left indelible traces in the hearts of Prince William and Prince Charles, disappointed by the accusations of the couple and the media storm that followed.

In this icy context, Prince Charles would plan, when his time to accede to the throne will come, to make a big cleanup within the clan, which Meghan and Harry would be the first victims. Speaking on talkRADIO, royal biographer Angela Levin said, “Prince Charles has been wanting to clean up the monarchy for a very long time to cut expenses and encourage family members to earn the money they get from the taxpayer. I think at this point he will get rid of Meghan and Harry completely in the royal family,” she said. According to her, the Queen has always made sure to spare her children and grandchildren, “for sentimental reasons”. A dynamic that the Prince of Wales would not want to continue. “He wants to change things and he will do it,” she said.

Deep wounds

If Prince Harry had told Oprah Winfrey that his father had already cut him off, Meghan and Harry still have their titles of Duke and Duchess, which allow them to keep an attachment to the image of the Crown in the collective unconscious. Prince Charles, however, seems determined to turn the page of the adventures around the rebellious couple of the monarchy, while the relationship with his son is far from being in good shape, despite their recent conversation. Deeply hurt by the revelations of the Sussexes, will the future heir to the throne take irreversible decisions?

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

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