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Prince Charles: These “frictions” with his late father, Prince Philip

Prince Charles has always been very different from his father, Prince Philip. In a documentary on the late husband of the Queen of England, their complicated relationship was deciphered by royal experts. On December 22, the Express UK took the opportunity to highlight the “friction” between them.

It is no secret that Prince Philip did not get along with his son, Prince Charles. Despite the fact that they both went to the same boarding school and did the same military service, they are very different. This was alluded to by royal experts in the ITV documentary Philip: Prince, Husband, Father, as revealed by the Express UK on December 22. Gyles Brandreth, one of them, explained that he had a conversation with the late husband of Elizabeth II. One day, he would have confided to him: “It’s strange that people say that you and Prince Charles are so different. To me, you seem to be so similar in many ways. (…) He said to me, but there is a difference. I am a pragmatist, and Prince Charles is a romantic.

Roya Nikkhah, another expert, added that they did indeed have very different characters. “Philip was very rigid, he didn’t let himself get down and didn’t take things too personally,” the expert said in the documentary. Those who know both men well know that “the Prince of Wales is much more sensitive. He feels things in a much more vivid and personal way than his father.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles went to the same boarding school

Regarding the boarding school that forged the two members of the British royal family, Philip loved it while Charles “hated it”. Even on this point, the father and son disagreed according to Martin Palmer, a friend of the deceased. The Duke of Edinburgh is said to have obtained his strong character and sense of duty during his years at Gordonstoun Boarding School in Scotland. He even created an award with the school’s founder, Kurt Hahn, which has spread to 140 other countries, according to the Express UK.

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