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Prince Charles: This happiness and peace regained thanks to Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles shared their traditional holiday greeting card on Instagram this Thursday, December 17. The princely couple still appears to be as happy as ever.

The presence of Camilla Parker-Bowles soothes them. Her love too. Never has Prince Charles thought he felt so at ease with a woman. And his happiness shows.

For the festive season, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have pulled out all the stops: unveiling their traditional greeting card on their Instagram account, Clarence House, this Thursday, December 17. A way to put balm in the hearts of the British at this delicate time.

The two laughing lovebirds then appear in all simplicity, sitting on a bench in the garden of their Scottish manor, Birkhall. A moment of tenderness that would be revealing!

Questioned by our colleagues of the Daily Mail, this Friday, December 18, Judi James, an expert in body language, observed this cliché. “The duo chose a small bench to sit on, which means there’s always proximity,” he noted at first, before turning his attention to the posture of the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The Duke of Cornwall turns toward his beloved and surrounds her with one arm. He appears “relaxed, comfortable, and unusually tactile. “They seem trapped in a bubble of their own mutual affection and tranquility here, as if Charles wanted to signal that he had finally found a sense of peace and escape after some very tumultuous years,” Judi James concluded.

Prince Charles and Camilla
Agency / Bestimage

Lady Di fans attack

The complicity between Prince Charles and de Camilla is enough to move the British. However, many of them refuse to be moved. They never forgave him for the tragic fate of his first wife, Lady Diana.

The broadcast of the series The Crown, which painted an unflattering portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, does not help. Some Internet users never fail to recall their animosity by displaying very hostile reactions towards them. Corrosive and scathing messages then invaded the comments section of their new publication. “Diana will always be the shadow behind Camilla,” said one of them.

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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