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Prince Charles: This small gesture which surprised during his last public appearance

While at the Ritz Hotel to support the hotel staff and other workers who fought the coronavirus pandemic, Prince Charles made an amazing gesture.

Who said that crowned heads were not like other people? Like Kate Middleton, a princess without chi chi, Prince Charles also enjoys living as normally as possible. On Thursday, December 10, Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband, Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband, once again wanted to support the workers on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

And to do so, the Prince of Wales was expected at the Ritz Hotel to meet the employees of the establishment but also the caregivers. And to greet them, there was no question of Prince Charles forgetting the health rules.

Nor would he be satisfied with a simple nod of the head or a cold gesture. To greet the crowd of invited guests, he opted for a much warmer behavior without endangering them: the elbow check. After these astonishing greetings, he visited the establishment.

Prince Charles then walked around the hotel and thanked the staff for their “tireless efforts, especially at this time of year”, as his office at Clarence House said. In the kitchens, where he was delighted to learn that the fish prepared was from sustainable sources, he met with Chef John Williams to discuss these special recipes.

“We couldn’t get along without you,” he told the Ritz staff. “I’ve been so worried about the devastation caused by this pandemic – we’re really glad you’re back in business. After confining himself to Camille Parker Bowles for several weeks, the father of Princes William and Harry is back in the spotlight. It was in fact as lovers that they made their first post-confinement outing to the National Gallery in London.

What about the festive season?

They visited the exhibition dedicated to the artists Artemisia Gentileschi and Titian, called Artemisia and Titian: Love Desire Death. The couple was welcomed by Gabriele Finaldi, director of the premises. A good way for the couple to disregard the criticism they have been receiving since the fourth season of The Crown series went online, which forced them to make a big decision.

And while the coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet, one question now remains unanswered: what will happen for the holiday season? While we already know that Queen Elizabeth II has given up the idea of going to Sandrigham to stay in Windsor, we still don’t know who will accompany her for Christmas.

But Prince Charles, very close to her mother, would have decided not to leave her alone during this period she loves so much. It is therefore a special family holiday that is being prepared across the Channel for members of the British Crown.

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