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Prince Charles: This very generous donation he made after two disasters

Following two natural disasters, Prince Charles has made a generous donation to an organization to help the victims.

Prince Charles has a heart on his sleeve. Last April, the violent cyclone, named Seroja, raged: the damage was considerable because of wind gusts exceeding 170 km/h. The hurricane destroyed the historic One Mile Pier in the town of Carnavon, Western Australia. Before moving towards the west coast of Australia, the cyclone had hit Indonesia and East Timor. About 157 people died and about 70 people were reported missing.

Also, a new bushfire destroyed at least 71 houses last February near Perth, also in Western Australia, and people in the area were forced to leave for shelters. Following these natural disasters, the son of Elizabeth II felt the need to help. As reported in the Daily Mail, he made a donation to an organization that was raising funds to help the victims of the cyclone and fires.

Perth Mayor Basil Zempilas praised the prince’s donation and his generosity. “The Prince of Wales has made a very generous donation. (…) It is an honor and a privilege to accept this donation and I thank His Royal Highness and the Prince of Wales’ office for working with us to make this happen,” he said.

Prince Charles: is he still on the outs with Harry?

If Prince Charles is known for his commitments and generosity, he can also be resentful. Indeed, since the revelations of Harry on television, the former husband of Lady Diana would have difficulty forgiving … He would not have totally accepted the reproaches made by his son in front of the whole world. However, the birth of Lilibet Diana in early June would have allowed the father and son to renew ties.

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