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Prince Charles to be King: What will be his Royal name?

It will not be Prince William, but Prince Charles who will succeed the Queen on the throne. A secret operation is already underway to organize his future coronation and review some administrative points. For example, under what name will he reign?

Before acceding to the throne, there is a very precise protocol to follow. Elizabeth II is attached to traditions, so her succession will not skip a generation. William will have to wait his turn, Prince Charles will have to take his turn first. To confirm her wish to see her son take over, the Queen has even designated Camilla Parker Bowles as Queen Consort. A consecration for the latter long disowned by the monarchy because of her affair with Prince Charles, himself then married to Lady Diana. This Thursday, February 17, Paris Match is interested in her future coronation. A question arises: what will be his name of sovereign?

In the shadows, the organization of the coronation of Prince Charles begins to take shape. A secret operation named “Operation Golden Orb” (like the golden globe of the coronation) has begun. Some information has been disclosed. For example, we know that he would require a “coronation faster, more modern, and, above all, cheaper than that of the queen” write our confreres. Concerning his name when he will be king, it is possible that he will choose the name of George VII to prolong the memory of his grandfather. He would even use the same design for the badge of his reign: GVIIR topped by the Tudor crown. A new name for a new life.

Prince Charles: that other change when he is king

His name is not the only concern about his accession to the throne. Indeed, there are other matters that need to be addressed first. One of them concerns a smaller royal family. For several months, Prince Charles has made it known that he wants “fewer people in public office,” according to Canadian historian Carolyn Harris. To achieve this, his heir Prince William, his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, and their three children will have a key role. Prince Harry is not included as he is no longer an active member of the royal family. And following the scandal concerning Prince Andrew, he decided to banish him from any royal residence. Gone are the good old days when they all met on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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