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Prince Charles: Why is he unable to reconcile his sons Harry and William?

It is his nightmare. The drama of his life. For a long time, he feared this moment: William and Harry angry forever. This fear was confirmed. Since then, the heir to the throne has proved to be a poor mediator.

Prince Charles can be blamed for everything: for having been a fickle and absent husband to Lady Di, for intervening too much on the political level when his status as future sovereign obliges him to be totally neutral, for his tocades, for his slightly old-fashioned but charming manners, and for his aristocratic accent, which is so mistakenly taken for contempt. Of course, he can be criticized in many ways, but he has always tried to be a good father to William and Harry. Modern. Tolerant. He does not seek perfection, who can claim it anyway. He has been a present father: he asked for joint custody of his heirs at the time of his separation from Diana and got it. He gave the bottle, listened, forgave too. Perhaps too much… He never tried to set limits, to play his authority. No doubt he had suffered too much from a strict and rigid childhood. Like his ex-wife, and this was their only common point, he advocated an education based on listening and speaking.

Alas, today, when his sons hardly communicate, he can’t his sons hardly communicate, he cannot bring them together and cannot find the words. Nor the gestures. Journalist Omid Scobie, who is close to the Sussexes, recently confided, “When we talk to intimate sources of the couple and those close to the royal family, we get the feeling that very little progress has been made.” Of course, everyone wished via social networks a happy birthday to Harry, who celebrated his 37th birthday on September 15, politeness obliges. But tensions remain between the two clans separated by thousands of miles. Their interests now diverge, and each remains camped on its positions, its grudges and its wounds.

In the entourage of the Prince of Wales, it is said that the very harsh comments made by Harry against him in the Oprah Winfrey show have shaken him. Bruised forever. He is also said to be very affected by the feud between his boys. “However, the rare times when he was alone with his two sons, explains the British historian Robert Lacey – who was in Paris to promote his book Guerre royale – Mensonges et trahisons (Albin Michel) -, he was unable to open up, to bring them together. He is obsessed with only one thing: the title that his wife Camilla will wear when he ascends the throne of England. Even though it has been claimed that she will become princess consort, Charles wants her to become queen. He wants to get Harry and William‘s agreement on this. So, he always comes back to this subject which takes precedence over all other issues, which irritates his sons.”

Camilla is always at the center of father and son conversations. “When Diana died, Charles was very concerned about his sons, but devoted all his energy to imposing Camilla on his arm,” explains the writer. He wanted the approval of his mother, her descendants and the British people.”

William, pragmatic and without qualms, eventually forgave and got used to the presence of his mother-in-law. He has never shown any animosity towards Camilla. He knows that she is now one of the best soldiers of the Firm. He does not ignore that his mother-in-law is not ready to forgive Harry his words nor his actions since his departure from the royal family. Like him. William and Camilla are brilliant politicians and will not push Charles to a reconciliation… At least for now. Even if it is whispered that William and Harry will be together next December for the presentation of the Diana Awards in England, the Duke of Cambridge and his mother-in-law are waiting for the publication of the Memoirs of the Duke of Sussex at the end of next year and to know their content before making a final decision.

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