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Prince Charles with tears in his eyes: When the Royal family breaks protocol

Prince Philip might not have appreciated that his son broke down on the day of his funeral. However, this Saturday, April 17, Prince Charles has not managed to hold back his tears. A very moving image, far from the protocol.

The loneliness of Queen Elizabeth II, the reunion between Princes Harry and William, but also the unexpected tears of Prince Charles … The funeral of Prince Philip was rich in emotion this Saturday, April 17 in Windsor. In France, it was Stéphane Bern who showed himself very touched on France 2 when commenting on the images of Prince Charles wiping his tears after the ceremony.

According to the host, father and son had not understood each other. However, the protocol that was so important to the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99, is that emotions should not be shown in public. “Never explain, never complain”, is often repeated. A philosophy to which the man who would have turned 100 on June 10 adhered. “Prince Philip himself did not tolerate public displays of affection,” recalls author Nigel Cawthorne in an interview with Femail, who acknowledges that Prince Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, “broke” this rule.

He senses that it will continue in this direction, especially when Prince Charles becomes king. “Harshness is no more and under the increased influence of Charles, it will probably be removed, because it is no longer in the air,” predicts Nigel Cawthorne, as reported by our sources. The author understands perfectly the emotion of the queen who lost the man who was her husband of 73 years. “From the age of 14, when Philip became the cornerstone of her life. He was also the patriarch of the family, who, although brutal, was not vindictive, “he explains. His death has particularly moved Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

A very emotional couple

The Daily Mail reports their “long pause” before the various tributes that were paid to Prince Philip on Saturday, April 17. A few days earlier, the couple was already in tears at the thousands of attentions they could see, reports our source. During his funeral, his son is not the only one to have cracked. During the church service, the Countess of Wessex also wiped her tears with a paper handkerchief. The image of a new generation that no longer hides its emotions.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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