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Prince Harry warned: If he continues to attack the Queen, Charles will lose patience

Since he left the monarchy, Prince Harry has not ceased to vent in the media about the ravages caused by the Firm, which has failed to protect his family. Repeated attacks that do not bode well for the royal expert Katie Nicholl, convinced that Prince Charles could lose patience.

Since the departure of the Sussexes from the monarchy, Prince Charles has chosen a clear posture: silence. If Queen Elizabeth II has spoken via communiqu├ęs to try to extinguish the fires set by Meghan and Harry in the American media, Prince Charles has never said a word. However, behind the scenes, it is with him that relations are more tense than ever. During his interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry had revealed that his father had cut him off, and had not answered his phone calls for some time.

Disappointed by his family, Prince Harry has nothing left to lose, and he makes it known. On several occasions, he has confided in the particularly toxic environment of the Crown, which led him to slam the door with his wife and their son. In the German newspaper Bild, Katie Nicholl addressed the Duke of Sussex’s recent revelations, saying that they could end up reawakening Prince Charles’ anger.

“If Harry continues to attack the Queen, Charles will lose patience,” she said. Comments corroborated by a source who confided in the columns of The Sun. “The relationship between Harry and his father has never been so tense. Harry says he wants to reconcile with him, but he has clearly decided to demonize his father. Charles is completely lost and doesn’t know what to do. Harry doesn’t seem to take into account that parenting methods change dramatically over the years, especially for fathers.

Prince Charles very disappointed

In the documentary The Me You Can’t See, Prince Harry had attacked his father, saying: “My father told me when I was little, he told William and me, ‘it was like that for me, so it will be like that for you. An infernal circle to which the Duke of Sussex was keen to put an end, he who does not forgive his family, and in particular his father, the lack of support when Meghan Markle was harassed by the British tabloids. An offensive that has enormously hurt Prince Charles, who still mourns the loss of Prince Philip.

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