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Princess Anne: This joke made to Prince Charles that still makes people talk

Every year, the British royal family competes in ingenuity to give each other THE most original gift. One year, Princess Anne had a rather strange idea for her older brother…

The British royal family is a family that respects many traditions. Every year, Queen Elizabeth II, her children and grandchildren go to Sandringham to enjoy a holiday together. And if one would think that the royal family is serious in all circumstances and even at Christmas, it is not so. On the contrary, they all give each other funny and original gifts. A new documentary entitled “A Very Royal Christmas: The Secrets of Sandringham” focuses on the gifts that members of the Queen of England’s family give each other.

“If you can find something that is ironic and will make the queen laugh, then you’ve really nailed this Christmas. The more kitsch, the better,” explained royalty reporter Katie Nicholl. In turn, former royal butler Paul Burrell confirmed that family members love “jokes with reference to the toilet. “One year, on Christmas Day, Princess Anne had a completely zany gift idea for Prince Charles. As reported by The Express, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter gave her big brother a toilet seat… because he is next in line to the British throne! A joke that certainly had to make the main concerned laugh.

The first Christmas of Meghan Markle

For her very first Christmas in the royal family, Meghan Markle did not do things by chance. In December 2017, the former American actress knew that she had to seduce her in-laws and especially make Queen Elizabeth II laugh. Thus, Prince Harry’s fiancée looked for something totally offbeat to give to her Majesty: a stuffed hamster that sings when a string on the back is pulled. According to The Daily Star, Queen Elizabeth II was so pleased that she burst out laughing before blurting out, “It can keep my dogs company!” A gift that also pleased the sovereign’s corgis… and even a little too much, since the toy ended up being shredded by the dogs!

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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