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This announcement that saddens him and sweeps away his youthful memories with Prince Charles

Camilla Parker-Bowles reportedly told the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, that she was worried about the latest real estate project. He wishes to destroy several London buildings, including the one where the Duchess of Cornwall lived during her youth, in order to build a residence for the elderly.

Is the Duchess of Cornwall’s old apartment doomed to disappear? At least that is what Camilla Parker-Bowles fears, sadly. She is said to have expressed her concern to the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, whose real estate company is about to demolish four buildings in London’s upscale Belgravia district. The buildings have sentimental value for the wife of Prince Charles, who lived there when she was in her twenties and even welcomed her future husband on numerous occasions.

The Duke of Westminster requested permission from the municipal authorities to build an old people’s home for up to 170 people, as well as social housing, to replace the old buildings. Part of the new apartments would also be put on the traditional real estate market, according to his company’s plans. But his company would have been accused by its detractors of wanting to put “profit before human beings”.

In addition to Camilla Parker-Bowles’ personal attachment to the place, where she first invited Prince Charles in 1972, other residents of the neighborhood have strongly expressed their opposition to the project. It would have to rise to a height of 48 metres in some places, they noted. They said the project would not suit the elegant architecture of the neighborhood, and especially that it would deprive them of 70% of natural light. Hugh Grosvenor denied this risk, assuring that the brightness will remain unchanged for all the apartments.

Attracting wealthy seniors

To express their concern and anger, the Belgravia Society sent a letter to the Ward Council. Among the outraged residents was one of the Society’s directors, Mary Regnier-Leigh, who told the Daily Telegraph that she suspected the Duke of Westminster was simply trying to lure “rich seniors” into the neighbourhood. However, the head of the real estate company tried to put this rumour to rest by assuring that he was planning a nice, green building.

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